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Neue Antriebsenergie für die Energiewende

Biogas - all well and good: but what exactly is it? Unlike conventional gas, which is produced from natural gas, for example, biogas is obtained exclusively from biogenic residues. It is therefore really CO2-neutral and one of the renewable energies. Another advantage is that biogas is produced directly in the region. Fair Trade Power also ensures that our biogas does not come from biogas plants that process products from the food / feed industry (eg maize). Would you like to heat and cook with biogas? Our fair biogas tariffs offer you mixtures with 10%, 20%, 50% and 100%.
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How “good” is the conventional gas that we use in our biogas mixtures? The answer is simple: very good! Because we make sure that our green gas is also 100% climate neutral. How do we do that? Climate protection projects from the KlimaInvest project portfolio are used to offset CO2 emissions in a climate-effective manner. These projects follow strict UN standards. Baía de Guajará, Brazil Use of hydropower in the Himalayas Use of methane gas in Germany

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Another partner is REGIO WALD. You support us in reforesting forests and areas in Germany and investing in the planting of trees in Germany.
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